11-Year-Old Boy Fishes Out A Handbag and Returned It To A Woman Who Lost It 25 Years Ago!

Featured Image Courtesy: Direct Expose

It truly is a whale of a tale. Every fisherman has stories about the one that got away, but for April Bolt, the biggest thing she had ever lost to a lake was her purse. Twenty-Five years ago she had been out boating with her husband, lost in the sunshine and fun of the day, she didn’t realize until after they had left the lake and were having dinner that she couldn’t locate her purse. Despite all her efforts to find it, she never knew what happened to the missing handbag.

She was devastated at the time. Not only did this mean she had to take the time to cancel her credit cards, replace the things she had in her purse, like her wallet, her makeup, her combs, but it meant that she lost all pictures of her fifteen-month-old son, which she was keeping near her at all times in her handbag. Eventually, however, April accepted that the purse was gone for good, and she would just have to take new pictures and replace all her old items.

Fast forward 25 years and a friend of April’s just happened to be fishing with an eleven-year-old relative on the very lake where April lost her purse. When the eleven-year-old got what he thought was a huge bite on his line, he got quite the opposite. As he reeled in his catch, April’s family friend got the net, expecting to see a huge fish, but he instead brought the net up to see that it was a purse that looked like it had been in the lake a very long time.

Image Courtesy: YouTube via Inside Edition

The friend, Ben Meyers, says, “I get my net and he gets it to the top of the water, all of a sudden I see it’s a purse, I said ‘man you ain’t caught no fish, you caught a treasure!'”

Once Meyers looked at the content, he was further shocked to see that not only did he catch a purse, he caught a purse that belonged to someone he knew, and it was a purse she had been looking for for quite some time.

When he returned the purse to April she was beyond pleased, but her daughter Abby was amazed as well.

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“It’s quite humorous, considering the wallet, perfume, lipsticks, numerous credit cards from stores that were open 25 years ago, family pictures, 52 cents in change, a check book, a teasing comb, etc. — it’s a serious time capsule!” Abby Bolt told WYFF-TV.

Source: UPI

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