The Reason This Devoted Husband Is Learning To Do Makeup Will Make You Cry

An elderly couple from the United Kingdom is inspiring thousands of people all across the world with their love. The couple, Jean and Brian, recently were made famous by a Twitter post explaining that Brian is learning to do makeup for his wife, Jean, who is losing her sight and can no longer do it for herself. The couple goes together to the makeup counter of their local department store, where Brian takes makeup lessons, to make sure he is doing her daily makeup as well as she herself used to do it, so she will never have to worry about how she looks even when she can’t see herself.

The employees of the department store have gotten so used to seeing Brian and Jean, and are so touched by their incredible love, that they decided they needed to take it upon themselves to share the story of this incredible and inspiring couple with the world. One of the employees of the makeup counter decided the best way to do this was to post on Twitter, taking a picture of a smiling Jean and Brian, and captioning the photo, “Why I love my job so much! Meet Jean and Brian, two of our most loyal customers. Brian was in for another makeup lesson today, as he does his wife’s makeup everyday, as she is going blind. Such a wonderful couple who live life to the full!”

The post has been retweeted over 70,000 times, and as of this writing, has been liked well over 120,000 times, with people adding commentary about how much Brian and Jean’s story touched them. People expressed how much they were awe of the two, and hoped to someday find a love like Brian and Jean’s, with one person saying, “I can’t even get a text back! I love them so much!”

Others responded with emojis expressing laughter and joy, and some people decided to tag their partners to make sure if they were ever in a similar situation, their own partners would step in as well as Brian has to take care of their needs. What everyone agrees on, from the United Kingdom where the story originated, across the world to the United States, and beyond, is that this is a truly lovely and inspiring story about how you can conquer anything with love. Brian and Jean are both truly lucky to have found each other.


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