Homeless Man Rescued Two Kids from A Burning House When No One Was Around

It takes a great deal of strength to have everything taken from you and still be able to do the right thing for others without stopping to ask if there is anything in it for yourself.  

Similarly, a homeless man who showed just that strength of character is being applauded, quite deservedly, as a hero after saving two children from an apartment fire. 

Anival Angulo, of Las Vegas, said he was walking past an apartment building when he saw smoke coming from one of the apartments.  

As he got closer, he heard children screaming and saw a little girl trapped behind a security door from which smoke was billowing. 

He immediately hopped over a security fence and broke into the apartment by bending the steel screen door upwards until the deadbolt unlatched. 

The little girl, only three years old, immediately ran out and wrapped her arms around Angulo’s waist. Looking inside, he saw an infant’s leg near the door, and he grabbed it and pulled out her thirteen-month-old brother. 

The children were being watched by their grandfather when the fire started. According to the three-year-old, a pan on the stove caught fire, which “got big really fast with lots of smoke.”  

Their grandfather was in a back bedroom when the fire started, and it trapped him back there, blocking his path to the children.  

Thankfully, he escaped unharmed when other good Samaritans helped him out through a bedroom window at the rear of the apartment. 

Angula says when he saw the children, he just knew he had to save them.  

“Went to the door and saw the babies, so I jumped the fence, and I pulled on the screen door, and I wrapped up the babies, and I pulled them out,” he said.  

The fire department arrived quickly at the wood-frame structure to find flames and smoke coming out of the door and windows. 

They put the accidental fire out within ten minutes and confirmed that the source of the fire was a pan on the stove filled with cooking grease.  

The kitchen and living room were gutted by the flames, and there was intense heat and smoke damage to the rest of the apartment, estimated at around fifty thousand dollars.  

Other than the two children being treated for smoke inhalation, there were – fortunately – no other reported injuries. 

Police and firefighters call Angulo a real hero, saying that without his quick action, the children would likely have died in the blaze.  

Impressed and grateful for Angulo’s selflessness, a Los Angeles attorney has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the thirty-six-year-old man. 

Although no one can find Angulo since the fire, the attorney says that if Angulo cannot be found or does not want the financial assistance, the money will go to a charity that aids the homeless in Angulo’s name. 

Hopefully spreading his story and encouraging others to act as he did.  

Indeed, this kind man demonstrates that no matter how little one has, there is always something we can do for others.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Inside Edition (www.insideedition.com)

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